Full course $195
WEC Members $190
An extra $5 per person will be donated to the Western Environment Centre to support the great things they do!

A Short Course Guide to Growing from Seed

This 9 Hour, 3 Session Course will put you in the a professional greenhouse growing environment. 

Learn from Master Grower and Horticulturist, Kim Thistle on everything related to seeding and planting in your home or greenhouse.  This 3 part course will allow your germination, transplanting and growing to be done in our commercial greenhouse until May 28, 2018 

20 spots are available to those that see growing your own as lifestyle mantra! 

Session 1
Introduction and Basics of Growing from Seed
Session 2
Introduction to Transplanting and Seedling Health
Session 3
Plant Health, Acclimatization and Garden Sense

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