Daffodil - Chromacolour $/bulb

Daffodil - Chromacolour $/bulb


Early-season flowering


Planting Depth: 6" (15cm)

Spacing: 6-8" (15-20cm)

Height: 16" - 18"

Bloom Duration: 2-4 weeks

Top sized bulbs


Chromacolor is a pure-white Trumpet Daffodil, with large, coral cups. Plant Chromacolor bulbs in beds and borders for a beautiful Spring display. 

These daffodil bulbs feature Giant flowers and are perfect for mass displays or any other application.  Like all  daffodil bulbs,  they will perennialize if the foliage is allowed to die down.  Trumpet Daffodil bulbs will flower very early in the spring.

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