Tulip - Daydream  $/bulb

Tulip - Daydream $/bulb


Mid-season flowering

Planting Depth: 6" (15cm)

Spacing: 4-6" (10-15cm)

Bloom Duration: 3 weeks

Top sized bulbs

Plant in groups of 10 to 12 bulbs


It is exciting to see how the colors of this dream tulip are changing during the lengthy bloom time.The colors shift from dark yellow to peach to bright orange and all colors in between.We like to combine “Daydream” with Bunch Flowering daffodils, e.g. Martinette.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips show giant flowers on strong stems, and are amongst the tallest types of tulips (22-24 inches Tall)

Darwin Hybrid Tulip bulbs are the best and most popular class for landscape use, and also make magnificent cut flowers. They will bloom mid season, mostly in May/June.

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