CSA 2017 - Helpful tips to get you started!

Although it's been a bit of a slow start this year, veggie basket season is almost here! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or newbie to the program, here are some quick tips on how to manage your weekly produce bundles : )

DO wash all vegetables and herbs prior to use – dry with tea towel or paper towel (and store in ziploc bags or sealed containers in the fridge if you plan to use them later). Here at The Greenhouse and Garden Store we don't use any chemical pesticides, but we do use natural products like fish & seaweed fertilizers, so best to give everything a rinse before eating or cooking!

DO NOT refrigerate potatoes, beets, carrots, winter squash, garlic, tomatoes, ground cherries, or ​basil.

Instead... DO store potatoes, beets, carrots, winter squash, and garlic in a cool, dark place. Just like in the olden days (!), these guys prefer a cellar-like environment and will keep that much longer if properly stored.

DO store tomatoes and ground cherries on the counter in a bowl or brown bag out of direct sunlight. These will be happiest at room temperature rather in the cold of the fridge.

DO trim the ends of basil and store in a shallow glass of water on the counter. Basil loves warmth, and in a cold refrigerator it will quickly turn black (and nobody likes black basil!) - room temp in water for the win!

In fact, if you want to extend the life of any herbs, DO trim the ends of herb stems and store in a glass of water on the counter. This ensures a fresh cut to the stems so that water can be absorbed, keeping them fresher longer.

DO NOT wash berries until you are ready to eat them. The tender flesh of strawberries and raspberries will deteriorate quickly after being exposed to water (that is, if you can keep from eating them as soon as you get home!).

DO place green onions in a cup of water to keep them going and even growing continually (it's like magic!).

And lastly, DO visit our blog for recipe ideas! There are probably going to be some new & exciting things in your basket you've never eaten before - enjoy experimenting with some new flavours & textures - you just might find a new favourite! And of course we're always here for any questions you might have - just let us know : ) Have fun!

XO, your friendly Greenhousers

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